Svetlana Jaćović was born in Serbia and lives in Belgrade.
She started painting when she was 13 years old and her love for art, discovered in early childhood, has affected her further professional development in the world of contemporary fashion and art in general.
After graduation from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (2003), Fashion and Costume Design Department, Svetlana started work with various Serbian fashion companies.
In 2005 she built the fashion brand under her own name - Svetlana Jaćović, being focused primarily on designing handmade wedding dresses. Additionally, she designed promotional uniforms and created the visual identity for many Serbian companies.
In 2007, as a bursar of the French Government she resided in Lyon for professional specialization. 2008-2015 she has been teaching the students of Fashion Design and Fashion Management Department, the French branch School for Fashion and Arts in Serbia - Mod’Art International – Belgrade.
The image of herself as a defined artist in the world of Fashion design Svetlana developed in 2010, whereas in 2013 she celebrated a decade of her successful professional work representing her new collection at the Belgrade Fashion Week.
As an active member of BFW Design Collective (2015) she presented collections at:
Ljubljana Fashion Week (2016), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe (Budapest 2016), Fashion Scout - London Fashion Week (2016), Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia (New York 2016)
She organizes her work in a manner to show her sensibility and character, using the right way to apply her knowledge and skills. She wants her work to speak for her. She loves travelling, enjoys being at the seaside, dynamic environment and sometimes to express herself in written. Fanatically consistent in her believes and principles, often black and white without shades but in love with colors.